What is an e-commerce platform and why do you need one as a person living in Singapore?

best practice e-commerce implementation

E-commerce platforms are the backbone of any online retail outlet. According to how they have been designed, such platforms allow the front end and back end to work harmoniously in ensuring both the store vendors and online shoppers get quick results to their search. E-Commerce platforms provide rigid structures on which B2B and B2C enterprises grow in.

As a business person, you probably will be forced to get an e-commerce platform at one point in time; that is if you do not have one already. This will mean that you will have to go through the many options available and only pick one that meets your specific business requirements, and here is where you need to pay more attention. Before you think of selecting any platform, you should first think about your vision and the objectives of your business venture. The decision you arrive at based on these two factors should be the one to guide you when selecting a platform. The right platform should help you build your business in the best way possible at the right cost.

Guidelines on best practice e-commerce implementation:

  • Come up with a vision that enunciates the strategic direction of your e-commerce plan. To effectively carry out this task, consult different players include your customers since they are the ones who will basically determine the success of your platform.
  • Develop an architecture that supports your vision. Use the data collected in the previous step to developing your interface before you start implementing the features that your customers want to see.
  • Select a platform that best fits your vision and business process. Your selection should be based on things like the cost, user interface, and additional plugins. Go for an option that is affordable, easy to operate and most importantly, has all the required plugins in place.

Threats and the future

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the platform you choose will give you the best results. As a matter of fact, with the ever-changing technology, different platforms continue to be rendered useless as new ones with better features are being introduced in the market. Thus, as a retailer, you should always be on the look-out. Luckily, you can use scalable platforms which allow one to add plug-ins that easily upgrade them and be in line with your business even after it updates. Example of such platforms includes Shopify and Magento.